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The efficacy and role of Artemisia spp. What are the precautions?

"March and April wormwood, May and June are chopped for firewood". I believe that many rural friends will be familiar with this proverb. The proverb says that wormwood is a Chinese herbal medicine with medicinal value. It also has a lot of clinical application value.

So, what are the specific effects and functions of Artemisia spp.? What should be paid attention to when using it in life?

The efficacy of Artemisia spp. Indications:

Artemisia cylindrica, in traditional Chinese medicine, uses its aerial part as the medicinal part. It is believed to be slightly cold in nature, slightly bitter and pungent in taste, and has the effect of clearing heat, promoting dampness, drinking and relieving jaundice. It can be used clinically for jaundice, dysuria, and damp sores. Treatment of disease symptoms such as itching. Among them, the effect of eliminating dampness and heat is the most prominent. The "Materia Medica Zhengyi" records:

Yinchen is a special medicine for treating damp-heat in the spleen and stomach.

Pharmacological effects of Artemisia spp

Pharmacological studies have shown that Artemisia sphaerocephala contains phenoxychromones and active ingredients such as saccharin. The specific pharmacological effects are as follows:

1. Choleretic effect

Studies have shown that Artemisia serrata has the effect of promoting bile secretion and choleretics, which in turn helps to dissolve cholesterol, and can prevent gallstones and other biliary diseases.

2. Clear heat and promote dampness

Artemisia sylvestris is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine with mild coldness, so it has antipyretic effect, so it is suitable for people with dampness and heat in the body.

3. Antihypertensive effect

Pharmacological studies have shown that Artemisia serrata also has the effect of lowering blood pressure and tranquility, and its lowering effect may be related to its 6,7-dimethoxycoumarin.

4. Boost immunity

Studies have shown that Artemisia spp also promotes the division of white blood cells, thereby increasing the number of white blood cells, thereby improving the activity of T lymphocytes in the immune system and achieving the effect of enhancing human immunity.

Precautions of Artemisia spp.:

1. Artemisia spp. is a Chinese herbal medicine with mild cold. It should be used with caution for people with weak and cold constitutions.

2. It is recorded in "Depei Materia Medica": It is very yellow when hot, and there is no moisture, and the two are forbidden. Therefore, you should avoid taking it for yellowing that is not caused by damp heat.

3. Artemisia cylindrica has the effect of dampening, so it is not suitable to take it continuously for a long time.

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